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Japanese on Dakota land.

Let us create a space where we may all grow old.

A Minnesota girl.

What’s the Point of Native Acknowledgments by White People?

This month I am featuring a guest blog post by writer Debra J. Stone to broaden conversations on Minnesota history and identity. A lifelong Minnesotan, Debra offers her insights into memory, community trauma, and the place of reparations. Before there was a Rondo Avenue, before the Métis voyageurs, before German, Swedes, Irish, and Black people…

Culture and Voice on Dakota land.

April 12, 1933. Madison-born Nobu Kitagawa held a senior piano recital for the prestigious MacPhail School of Music in Minneapolis. Her ruffled evening gown draped elegantly to the floor as she drew out a Beethoven moonlit fantasy. Later as she played Mendelssohn’s “On the Wings of Song,” her audience might have imagined themselves flying over…

Success on Dakota land.

Mapping a loss.Nobu Kitagawa was born in Madison Wisconsin, home for Ho-Chunk, Kickapoo, and other Indigenous peoples. But her Japanese face ensured that only Japan would follow her throughout her life. She spent about two years of early childhood in Japan. After she moved with her family to Dakota land in 1919, she probably never…

Japanese on Dakota land.

Midwesterners tell me about Japanese Americans they’ve known. The Japanese American favorite aunt. The Japanese American classmate who got the girl in the end. The Japanese American classmate who was elected student body president and homecoming king, yet who could not find a prom date. The Japanese American teaching mentor who taught with a sense…

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